Be You Membership

the membership to become comfortably, confidently and unapologeticaly you
Tired of Feeling like You're Not Enough?

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you just don't feel good about yourself and even if you get a fleeting moment of feeling good, it never lasts, then you're not alone.

Research shows that a staggering 85% of women don't believe they are attractive,  62% don't believe they are intelligent and 56% don't think they are liked by others. Well that needs to change.

The Be You Membership is here to help you do just that. With interactive training's and masterclasses covering your mindset, self-care, confidence, body image, emotions and feelings, nutrition and so much more, you'll learn how to create positive habits, be more self compassionate and truly start to be able to be comfortably, confidently and unapologetically yourself!

How does that sound?

Introducing... The

BE YOU is PERFECT for you if:

  • You've skipped meals or restricted to feel better about yourself
  • You've cancelled social events because you don't feel you look good enough
  • Social media makes you feel rubbish, lethargic and bad about yourself
  • You don't feel confident putting your ideas forwards at work for fear of being laughed at or not taken seriously
  • You don't 'show up' in your business because you don't feel confident enough
  • You talk negatively towards yourself and put yourself down
  • You've tried self-care but it doesn't work or 'fix' the problem
  • You believe that losing weight will solve your problems, but know deep down that isn't true
  • You avoid looking at yourself or fixate on your reflection, zooming in on any imperfections and telling yourself how awful you look
  • When people give you compliments you tell yourself they're lying
  • You don't like yourself. Perhaps it's your image, your personality, or something different. But as a whole, you don't like who you are.
Well it's time to nurture yourself like never before!

Inside BE YOU you will find training's and support to...

Master your Mindset

Learn to identify and work through your limiting beliefs, quieten your inner critic and improve your self talk whilst building positive habits for a positive mindset

Build your 'Self' Up

Build yourself up from the inside out, working on your self esteem, self confidence, self belief and knowing your true worth

Manage Emotions & Feelings

Learn to identify what emotions and feelings impact you negatively and how you can manage these to allow you to build the life you want and overcome setbacks

Create Habits & Set Goals

Learn everything you need to create positive habits, set achieveable goals and build more consistency

Body Image & Physical Health

Let's talk about your physical body, improving how you feel about it and starting to take care of it

Nutrition & Food

Our in house nutritionist answers all your questions  and helps you to build a healthy relationship wth food


" I love the support, structure and training's. I love everything about it!"


" I have found one place to address so many of the things I struggle with and be given ways that I can start to overcome them. You have slowly begun to replace the numerous coaches I have had over the years into a one stop go to place where I can feel welcome and among supportive friends, who now what it's like to be where I am "

Natalie Trusdale